This page describes how you may use our website and how we deal with the data we collect. As a non-binding summary: What you will find below describes how we will save the data you provide as necessary to ensure a smooth operation of the website. We will not release or sell your data unless we have your consent or we are forced to do so by law. Please read on to see the details.


Responsibility for any content (e.g. posts on forums or messages) published on our websites by third parties lies solely with their authors. Everyone has to ensure that the contents they post are legal and take responsibility if they are not.

Due to the volume of content on our websites we cannot manually check every single item that is submitted to us. However, as soon as we are informed of illegal content we will do our best to remove it as quickly as possible. In order to report illegal content to us, please write us an e-mail with the details or use the reporting facilities of the website (if available).

By submitting content to our websites you give us permission to freely publish and use the content on our websites for an unlimited amount of time. You further confirm that this content is your own and no third party holds any rights that would prevent us from using and publishing it.



We will not sell or pass on your personal data to third parties without your consent.

We may send regular newsletters to our users. If you would not like to receive this newsletter, you can simply unsubscribe by clicking a link in the newsletter or contacting us directly via e-mail.

User Accounts

We may offer you the opportunity to register an account on our website in order to access special features of the site, personalize it for you or to publish your own content. Any data provided by you during this registration process will be saved on our servers. In order to allow you to use your account at any time we will keep a copy of this data until you explicitly tell us to delete it. This will include a hashed version of the password you provided to us. However, we will never save a clear-text version of your password in order to protect it in the unlikely case of an unauthorized party gaining access to our database.

Published content

Any content you submit to our websites will be saved on our servers and published. We may be able to delete or hide this content on your request, but due to the nature of some of this content this may not always be feasible, particularly when other content referencing it has been added in the meantime.

Any private messages you send on our websites will be saved on our servers and stored until they have been deleted by all parties involved. We reserve the right to search and read these messages in cases where we suspect a violation of our rules, such as spamming or phishing.

Data Collection

In order to understand how our websites are used and how we could make them better, we may track what sites our visitors visit and how much time they spend on them, as well as details about the visitors' devices and browsing behavior. However, this data will be saved in an aggregate form that does NOT allow us to easily deduce a single visitor's actions or identity. We will not publish this information and not use it for marketing purposes.

To prevent and track abuse of our websites and investigate technical issues we will save some potentially identifying information, such as your IP address and your browser details, when you use our website. We will not use this data for any marketing purposes, but may use it to prevent you from accessing our websites when you abuse them. We may also provide this information to law enforcement agencies on request.


We regularly back up our servers to prevent data loss. It may thus be possible that old versions of your data may remain on our servers for a while, even after they have been deleted from the main site. However, these backups will normally not be used anymore and will be deleted after a certain retention period.


On our websites we may include content from external services. For example, we may show a feed of recent tweets from Twitter, include a Like button from Facebook or display ads from Google AdSense. We also use Google's Analytics service to help us monitor website usage. These external services may collect

We may be using the "Google Analytics" service to help us track our visitors. This service falls under Google's privacy policy and may use third-party cookies set by Google.

We may also be using Facebook services such as Share/Like buttons. These are covered by Facebook's privacy policy and may use third-party cookies set by Facebook.

If a provision of this policy is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, this shall not affect any other provision of this policy in that jurisdiction, nor that or any other provision of this policy in other jurisdictions.

We may make changes to this policy occasionally. Please check this page regularly to keep informed about any changes.

If you have any questions about this policy, please send us an e-mail to the address indicated in our imprint.

Version: October 5th 2013